Women's Campus Safety Grant

The Women's Campus Safety Grant is provided by the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities to address safety and security needs on campus, including those related to addressing sexual violence and harassment. The Women's Campus Safety Grant is sponsored by the Office of the Vice-Provost Students and Women and Trans People The grant is provided to the Vice-Provost Students to administer. Past projects and programs that have received funds include:

  • International Women's Day conference
  • Wen-do women's self defence courses
  • Print material and pamphlets on responding to sexual violence
  • “There is No Maybe” presented by Vanier College Productions
  • Crisis grants

Applications are encouraged from university departments and recognized student organizations. Terms and Conditions of Grant:

  1. Initiatives must operate from an anti-oppressive framework.
  2. Initiatives must be completed by March 31, 2021. Status report submitted and status reports submitted 15 days after project completion and no later than April 15, 2021. If initiative is completed sooner (e.g. by January 31, 2021), submit the report sooner (e.g. By February 15, 2021).
  3. Grant funds can only be used for the approved initiative.
  4. The grant cannot be used to cover expenses related to: research projects/safety audits; travel/hospitality; employee salaries and benefits and consultant fees.
  5. Funding will be released upon the following conditions:
    1. Completion of the initiative/project by date noted above;
    2. Receipt of status reports by date noted above;
    3. For internal University departments, receipt of copies of invoices and eReports printouts to support actual costs of initiative/project;
    4. For recognized student organizations, receipt of copies of invoices and copies of cancelled cheques to support actual costs of initiative/project.

Eligible expenses must be used for the following expenditures related to sexual violence prevention as well as general campus safety to benefit students:

  1. Awareness/Education examples include:
    • Campus safety websites and resource centres including the production of flyers, videos and digital products for online distribution;
    • Supplies and promotional materials for specific campus awareness campaigns and social media campaigns on safety issues such as combatting sexual violence and building consent awareness;
    • Hosting or co-hosting awareness programs, safety and/or sexual violence conferences, courses and speaker honoraria.
  2. Services/supports examples include:
    • Campus “Walk Safe” programs;
    • Sexual assault prevention training, including self-defence workshops, peer support worker training and violence prevention training;
    • Computer software, including safety mobile apps;
    • Training for student volunteers, including welcome week safety training;
    • Equipment related to making campuses safer, examples include lighting, phone systems and security cameras.


Women's Campus Safety Grant email: wcsgc@yorku.ca

Application and Report

2022-23 Women's Safety Grants Application (PDF)

2022-23 Women's Safety Grant Application (Word Document)

2022-23 Women's Safety Grants Report (PDF)

2022-23 Women's Safety Grants Report (Word Document)