Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities Review

The Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities (CSRR) is reviewed regularly and input from students, staff and faculty is part of the review process.

To join the open web-based CSRR review consultation, please:

  • Review the Code online, or download the PDF in English or French;
  • Review the Terms of Reference for the CSRR review; and then;
  • Click the link below. You will be required to log in using your Passport York credentials. Submission is not anonymous.

Add your voice to the consultation and help us:

  • Explore improvements to existing processes for addressing student non-academic conduct;
  • Ensure procedural fairness, and clarity of language and expectations;
  • Promote student development and community-building; and,
  • Ensure the CSRR aligns with prevailing University policies and guidelines.